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News | October 31, 2014

Webinar invite 2015 – What’s the point of Test Automation?

Webinar invite 2015 – What’s the point of Test Automation?

Test Automation made simple

For many organisations moving from manual to automated testing, knowing where to start can be difficult.

Sign unto one of our webinars for an insight into making iterative improvements to your development and testing process.

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Eventbrite - What is the point of Test Automation?

This includes utilising agile development methodologies to get the most out of test automation.

For every change recommended, we will clearly state the problem being addressed as well as detailing the steps and potential pitfalls. There will also be a focus on understanding and measuring the benefits gained.

Effectively automating the verification of software has roots in every stage of the development process, from requirements through to deployment. Understanding the relationships between the different aspects of the software development lifecycle and their impact on test will prepare you for taking your first steps towards a more efficient delivery process with confidence.



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