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We are OpenCredo

OpenCredo was founded in open source, with a vision of solving real-world business problems using emerging technology. Nine years on, our vision remains the same.

As technology evolves, so do we. While our team has grown, and our technical skills and experience has deepened, we retain an appetite for learning. The possibilities and solutions that emerging technologies offer never fails to inspire and excite us.

We’re well-known for our ability to partner and collaborate with our customers, to adapt and rise to their unique business challenges, ensuring we deliver sustainable solutions that really work for them.

In 2017 OpenCredo became a part of the Trifork group. We remain London-based and continue to serve the UK, Europe and US with our technical expertise and services.


Don Cleeve

CEO & Director of Sales

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Nicki Watt

Chief Technology Officer

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Mercedes Heath

Chief Financial Officer

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Guy Richardson

Principal Consultant

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Donna Burgess

People & Portfolio Manager

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Do you thrive on solving complex problems that really push and challenge you? Get excited about learning, exploring and sharing new ideas and concepts with others? At OpenCredo you will have the opportunity to be a part of our highly skilled teams, work with emerging technologies and practices, and apply your insights and expertise to solve the real-world problems our clients face.