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We advise, build and deliver

We help our clients make informed decisions around cloud native and open source technologies, as well as public cloud services. We empower organisations big and small in adopting these technologies through strategy, proof-of-solutions, delivery teams and training. We work in partnership, sharing experience, insights and skills – when our job is done, our clients are able to continue operating independently and without relying on us.

Problem Solvers

Problem Solvers

We are adept at solving complex technology challenges using contemporary technologies and methods to deliver innovative and disruptive solutions. We strategise, design and deliver – collaborating with, and empowering your teams. We work across diverse environments, industries and contexts. With an ability to cut through the noise and get stuff done, our clients return to us time and again. We always seek to make the complex simple.

Emerging Technology

We help our clients gain benefit from emerging technologies and working practices – monitoring them from conception and continuously evaluating their maturity. When ready, we invest in a deep technical and strategic understanding which we then bring to our clients.

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We are immersed in the wider technology community. You will often find us speaking at conferences and attending meetups. We contribute to open source projects, and publish opinions via our blog. By learning and sharing with others, we can remain a leader in the emerging technology space.



We partner with some of the world’s leading technology organisations. This allows us to develop deep relationships with them: to better understand their technology, future plans and ultimately, how to make the technology work for you.



Upcoming Events at a Glance

Webinar: How to bring a Design Thinking mindset to Platform Engineering

26 February 2020

You might have heard the term ‘Design Thinking’ bouncing around a lot these days. But from the conversations I’m having, people still aren’t clear on what it means and who should be using it. Customer-centric design is the future and Design Thinking holds the key to understanding your users. To find out more, join our webinar in which our CTO, Nicki Watt and subject-matter expert, Julie Bork Nellegaard will discuss the importance of Design Thinking and “How to bring a Design Thinking Mindset to Platform Engineering”



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