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Platform Engineering

Modern cloud applications are complex distributed systems and operating productively in this environment with fit-for-purpose platforms is a competitive advantage.
We offer technical and strategic consultancy for developing cloud infrastructure platforms. With experience ranging from startups to highly regulated enterprises, we can help you achieve the stability, transparency, security and usability required for success.

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Cloud Native Architectures

Whether you’re considering Cloud-Native or Serverless, ready to build a solution or need to scale-up your existing system – we can help. Embracing Cloud Native means integrating it as a force to drive your business processes and applications. Serverless architectures open up opportunities for businesses.  They enable rapid innovation, reduce operational overheads and optimise infrastructure costs.

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Data Engineering

Businesses run on information. Having easy access to your data makes it easier to realise your business’ ambitions. From cloud infrastructure and distributed systems, to security and data analytics, we can ensure your business data is available and secure.

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Organisational Transformation

Change is complex. It involves many moving parts across people and technology. It’s hard to know where to begin, how to be effective, and how to overcome inertia.

We help leaders focus and launch their change agendas to bring greater impact, faster – enabling happier staff to deliver better software to customers sooner.

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Case Studies

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