Open Credo

National Journal

Consolidating Graph Data to drive future Data Analytics Capabilities

National Journal (NJ) needed to consolidate their numerous and disparate data sets, to enable their analysts to better access and explore connections across multiple clients, projects and dimensions.

Through our partnership, National Journal gained a unified dataset and single source of truth, the ability to generate meaningful data visualisations, and the possibility of incorporating more sophisticated machine learning and algorithmic methods as their data needs evolved.

We delivered:

  • A flexible deduplication and similarity detection process.
  • Consolidation of data sets within Neo4j creating.
  • A fully managed, elastic data ingestion platform within Google Cloud Platform.



Growing Online Marketplace tackles expanding Data needs with Apache Cassandra

Kaidee were looking for a solution that would scale seamlessly, support continued the expansion of their data requirements, and automate repetitive tasks. As a result of increased user activity, they had a requirement to store an ever-growing volume of data, which could subsequently be accessed and analysed across the business.

Through our partnership, Kaidee gained practical Cassandra skills, the confidence to expand their use of Cassandra, and the ability to operate and manage a data solution that supported their business growth.

We delivered:

  • An assessment of the most appropriate usage of Cassandra for Kaidee’s data needs
  • A scalable technical solution to support Kaidee’s exponential data growth
  • Hands-on, in-house Cassandra training


Not On The High Street

Evolution through Microservices to achieve extraordinary growth in the retail industry

NOTHs has experienced exponential growth since its launch. As such, they needed to ensure their platform would continually handle increased transactions; be responsive to a rapidly changing retail market; and allow them to capitalise on business opportunities.

Through our partnership, NOTHS gained knowledge of Microservices (Docker, Mesos, Chronos, HashiCorp Consul…) and contemporary development approaches (BDD, automation, infrastructure-as-code…); plus the skills to optimise their platform and to be technically self-reliant.

We delivered:

  • A responsive platform and a diversified technology stack
  • A highly skilled in-house Java development team
  • A new, cloud-based (AWS) home for their infrastructure



Using Neo4j graph database to minimise network downtime, improve customers’ experience and reduce costs

Complex national telecommunications company, with legacy third-party technology, needed to predict its network’s potential points of failure; whilst reducing technology costs, network downtime and financial penalties, in order to improve its customers’ experience.

SFR is now self-reliant, and no longer dependent on legacy third-party systems. By working in partnership with us, SFR now possess the technology, knowledge and expertise to proactively manage their network, and offer their customers the best possible service.

Through our partnership we delivered:

  • A flexible and scalable solution that allows for future growth or network changes.
  • In-house capability to manage its systems and minimise network downtime.
  • Reduced technology costs and fewer compensation claims.



Honouring CSR with fast access to ethical supply chain data via Google Compute Engine

Global membership organisation facing an exponential load on its Business Intelligence applications and data exchange, needed its legacy platform overhauled, to meet growing customer demands, enable scrutiny of multiple sources of data, and analysis of trends

Sedex now has a sophisticated, flexible, industry-leading data processing platform. They can now manage their own multitude of datasets, design reports and deliver on-demand. These improvements have given them a clear competitive advantage in the marketplace.

Through our partnership we delivered:

  • The ability to fulfil clients’ bespoke data requests at short notice.
  • A 40% reduction in costs via the introduction of Google Compute Engine.
  • Faster turnaround – down from hours to milliseconds – of complex, digestible reports.


Central Government

Central government department needed to reduce costs, move beyond locked-in supplier contracts and towards cloud-based services; in order to empower their internal technology teams with a self-service tool for the creation of secure development environments.

The department gained contemporary and budget-friendly cloud-based services, moved beyond traditional hosting and locked-in supplier contracts, and reduced their external dependencies, all of which liberated their internal technical teams.

Through our partnership we delivered:

  • The ability to manage environments within any preferred cloud provider.
  • A secure, repeatable and traceable self-service provisioning experience.
  • A faster environment creation lifecycle, reduced from several weeks to under 1 hour.