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Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is ideal for agile businesses that need to transform and scale at a moment’s notice. GCP delivers a highly flexible, open cloud infrastructure and platform, that’s both cost-effective and future-proof.

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Ideal for businesses embracing multi-cloud or looking for improved workload management. Kubernetes provides an efficient, adaptable and scalable solution for deploying containers. We have deep knowledge and experience using Kubernetes and can deliver the optimal solution.

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Apache Kafka is great for businesses handling high volumes of streaming data. As partners with Confluent, we have deep knowledge of in the implementation of streaming data systems. With Kafka, we can deliver solutions which provide confidence in business data.

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Terraform Provider Development

Opencredo is a Terraform Provider Development Partner. We help clients build and optimise their Terraform provider – expanding their market reach and reducing friction to adoption by including them within the Terraform ecosystem.



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Cassandra is ideal for businesses with high volumes of data information that needs to be dealt with quickly, reliably and at scale. We optimise the data design, configuration and management for every implementation, to deliver a robust solution.

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We use Neo4j to help businesses explore their connected data in a holistic way. By enabling the examination of data sets, links and interdependencies are surfaced, providing business insights.. This allows for effective, information-based decision making.

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