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News | November 17, 2010

OpenCredo Partners with EsperTech to Offer Solutions for High Performance, Event-Driven Systems

OpenCredo Partners with EsperTech to Offer Solutions for High Performance, Event-Driven Systems

OpenCredo, Excellence in Enterprise Software Development Productivity, today announced that they have become the UK Solutions Partner for EsperTech to provide their customers with consultancy and training for EsperTech’s Esper and Nesper products.

Enabling the Competitive Advantage of Event-Driven Architectures

Event-driven architectures are becoming ever more prominent as Enterprise software scales from the confines of the office-block to the cloud.

Many of OpenCredo’s clients operate complex event driven systems that rely on messaging and other asynchronous patterns to improve performance and scalability. EsperTech’s Esper product for Java, and Nesper for .NET, provide best-in-class, open source solutions to eliciting information from a running event-driven system to support the design and runtime decision-making that is essential to making the most of any system’s potential.

Delivering on the promise of event-driven architectures

Event-driven architectures are flourishing throughout diverse industries as the benefits of scalability and performance for those domains comes to the fore. Event-driven architectures are often a more natural answer for the new world of large enterprise and cloud-scale applications, but until recently adoption has been hindered because of the challenges of monitoring and managing activity in these enviroinments.

Esper and the OpenCredo Esper Extension provide visibility of activity in a running event-driven system that gives developers and operations alike the confidence to embrace this architectural approach and its advantages.

“Esper, and our Esper Extension, have really allowed us to help our clients manage the complexity and design and development time of their event processing systems,” said Jonas Partner, CTO of OpenCredo. “Often where a client may have opted for a sub-optimal, synchronous architectural decision, we’ve been able to show that by applying Esper queries through our extension there is increased visibility of the data flowing throughout your system. This gives the client the confidence to go for a more appropriate and easier to maintain event-driven architecture to realise the real benefits of managing and scaling their solutions.”

Industry-leading Skills and Products

As event-driven architectures become more and more mainstream and cross-industry, there has never been more demand for the skills and products to make the most of this approach. By partnering with EsperTech, OpenCredo have added Esper and Nesper products to their existing capability in building complex event processing systems at scale.

“OpenCredo has seen for some time now that scaling and event-driven architectures and technologies are at the heart of managing the inherent complexity in modern high performing enterprise and cloud-scale software development and integration.” said Russ Miles, CEO of OpenCredo. “As such, OpenCredo has established an industry-leading set of skills and technologies in this space and our partnership with EsperTech recognises our ability to offer Complex Event Processing services, best of breed products such as our OpenCredo Esper Extension, and training and workshops in this exciting and mission-critical space”.



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