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News | December 12, 2013

OpenCredo at Data Science London Meetup

OpenCredo at Data Science London Meetup

Tareq Abedrabbo,  will be presenting The Ubiquitous Graph

OpenCredo’s CTO, Tareq Abedrabbo,  will be presenting The Ubiquitous Graph at the next Data Science London Meetup: Graphs and Data.


There is a growing understanding in our industry of the variety of real world problems that can be modeled and approached as a graph. Indeed, graphs are naturally data-driven and therefore the possibilities are virtually unlimited. In this talk I will be sharing my real world experiences on 2 interesting use cases:

  1. Impact Analysis: Applying graph search and pattern matching algorithms to predict the impact of failure on a large-scale telco network
  2. Network Optimisation: Implementing genetic algorithms to efficiently optimise oil flow in an oil extraction network.

This talk will explore these use cases detailing the approach, the rationale and the outcome of each one in a way that is applicable within a wider context.



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