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December 22, 2015 | Software Consultancy

CloudCredo, OpenCredo Confusion and What’s Next for OpenCredo

We announced yesterday that CloudCredo has been acquired by Pivotal.  In the longer term this will probably solve one of my challenges that is the need to constantly explain the difference between OpenCredo and CloudCredo, since CloudCredo will eventually be absorbed into Pivotal. Yesterday’s announcement has created significant interest, and so I thought I would try to clear things up with a quick post.


Jonas Partner

Jonas Partner

CloudCredo, OpenCredo Confusion and What’s Next for OpenCredo

OpenCredo was an early adopter of Cloud Foundry and quite possibly developed the first production apps to run on Cloud Foundry .  We did that with the help of Carrenza who provided our hosting at that time.  Colin Humphreys now CEO of CloudCredo was at that time Technical Director at Carrenza.  In late 2012 Colin and Andrew Crump came to speak to us about setting up a new company focused on Cloud Foundry. OpenCredo was already considering something similar so it was decided to collaborate rather than compete.

Makes sense so far, hopefully, but why the name confusion?  At the time OpenCredo was an established business already working with customers around Cloud Foundry. Someone suggested CloudCredo, and we struggled for a better name.  We also felt a name that made the relationship clear would help establish CloudCredo faster.  As our first spinout/JV, CloudCredo has taught me a huge number of lessons. The biggest is don’t create different businesses with similar names, as you will spend a lot of time explaining this. Seems so obvious now.

Lots of lessons learnt from CloudCredo are now being applied in Specto Labs, the latest spinout from OpenCredo.  Note the lack of Credo in the name. One of the impressive things about CloudCredo is that it was built without any significant investment. OpenCredo provided some credit facilities and friendly rates on staff, but that was all.  With Specto Labs we are taking a slightly different approach, and are taking on some early investment, partly from OpenCredo, and partly external.  We hope to announce details of this in the next month or so.

So what’s the future for OpenCredo? OpenCredo will continue to provide tech consultancy built on integrity and independence, since these are the things we know our customers value most. Part of the idea with OpenCredo was to create a consultancy that really works in the best interests of our clients, rather than constantly looking to add more consultants or resell licenses. We see more and more customers who appreciate the value in our approach, and so we expect strong growth in the core business throughout 2016. We have plans to take on more business in Germany and the US, and are also considering another spinout. So while you will hear a lot less about CloudCredo in 2016, you will be hearing more from OpenCredo.


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