Open Credo

Transforming Education Through Platform Engineering

Kidsloop is an Ed-Tech unicorn startup providing adaptive educational experiences to children.

On a mission to transform education, they are providing an innovative learning platform that empowers educators and engages learners through interactive digital content and activities.

Rapid Deployment and Future Platform Development

Kidsloop was looking for a technology partner to help them in furthering their journey in making the platform available across multiple global locations. The majority of their data was sensitive and subject to strict requirements on how it can be handled, and where it can be transported to.

They needed a team with all the necessary platform, data and cloud-native engineering expertise to support the rapid deployment and future development of their platform in any and all cloud environments.

Why OpenCredo

Platform, Data and Cloud Engineering is a key part of what we do at OpenCredo. From developing MVPs to full-scale multi-region data-driven systems, across a variety of different clients, tech stacks and industry verticals, it was a natural fit for collaboration.

Hands-On Platform Engineering Expertise & Development

Our team of consultants at OpenCredo were able to provide all the development work on the migration of an Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform to multiple non-AWS platforms (including Google Cloud Platform (GCP), OpenStack). We also helped to support and grow the local teams that took ownership of those platforms.

Additionally, we worked on an AWS-based fully-featured cloud-native platform that serves as the foundational component of all future iterations of the application, using Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) as the core of that platform.

In the data team, our consultants helped with provisioning Databricks workspaces, which provided support for the data engineering with ingesting, processing, storing, and exposing data.

In a move to facilitate a more real-time data streaming, our team helped the client setup and run a number of PoCs using services like AWS Managed Kafka Service (MSK), AWS Database Migration Service (DMS) and Debezium.

New Platform, New Market Expansion

With their rapid expansion into new markets Kidsloop was able to reduce their deployment times down from weeks and days into just a few hours using the new platform OpenCredo helped them build. This freed up engineering resources to focus on growth.

With that growth came huge amounts of new data which the data team could then handle easily with the help of the machine learning and analytics workflows that OpenCredo helped them build.

Through this partnership Kidsloop was able to successfully migrate on to and build their new AWS based fully-featured cloud-native platform. As a result of this work they saw:

  • Increased productivity as the new platform freed up engineering teams to focus on growth
  • Rapid expansion into new market
  • Reduction in deployment times, down from weeks and days to just a few hour
  • Capacity and ability to handle huge amounts of data through machine learning and analytics workflows that OpenCredo helped them build
  • Knowledge Transfer and upskilling the local teams to enable them to take ownership of the platform