Open Credo


Productive, secure and easy to use platforms to support your operations and software development lifecycle does not happen by chance.

They are the result of carefully designed processes, technologies and tools to make the most complex system usable by humans.

User-friendly platforms seek to create a stable, reliable, secure and user-friendly conduit for the deployment and operation of applications in development, test and production environments. They seek to create a self-service architecture for development teams to obtain frictionless deployment. They seek to create an operations interface capable of taming the complexity of modern distributed infrastructure.


At OpenCredo, we have been working with Cloud and Container infrastructure for many years – from early partnerships with Mesosphere to sponsoring the ContainerSched conferences and through to the dominance of Kubernetes. We work with startups and enterprises in challenging regulatory and security domains to help them make sense of the change and challenges presented by the cloud approach to infrastructure.

Examples of our platform engineering discovery and delivery work has included:

  • Design Thinking workshops to uncover user requirements and find the best solutions for the problem.
  • Prototyping and developing proofs-of-concept to test viability and usability.
  • Designing and implementing platforms to support cloud infrastructure and microservices architectures and DevOps best practices.
  • Integrating Kubernetes and Cloud native technologies to meet the operability and SRE criteria.
  • Review current distributed systems and platforms.
  • Automation of infrastructure and application deployment.