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Going Cloud Native or Serverless is proving effective for businesses looking for acceleratedroutes to market, cost savings and better scalability.

But it’s not just about the cloud, or the latest cool tools. Instead, it’s about focusing on the approach taken to build and run applications. Whilst Cloud Native and Serverless architectures differ in approach, both look to exploit the advantages of the cloud computing model through a combination of tools, techniques and processes.

The end result is a more cost-effective architecture and set of workflows ready to empower you to quickly achieve your ambitious business objectives.


Our specialist consultants remain at the forefront of Serverless and Cloud Native-related technologies and thinking. This goes beyond simply understanding the technology; clients that work with us benefit from our teams’ unrivalled skill and expertise in microservice, serverless as well as general distributed systems design and delivery. OpenCredo provides Discovery and Delivery services for organisations looking to make the move to Cloud Native and Serverless. Below are some examples of how we’ve helped before:

  • Strategy for moving to a Serverless or Cloud Native architecture
  • Serverless and Microservice reviews & health checks
  • Building prototypes and proof of solutions
  • Design and Delivery of large-scale systems (with specific expertise in Kubernetes and Kafka)
  • Expertise with event-driven and real-time data streaming architectures (see also data engineering)
  • Delivery acceleration through cloud automation & infrastructure-as-code (including Terraform Provider Development)



OpenCredo were early adopters of Cloud Native technology, including working with Mesos and Kubernetes. We’re pleased that our significant, concrete practical experience has translated into helping our clients transition more smoothly into the new Cloud Native world.

In the serverless space, our experience ranges from building automation and continuous delivery pipelines; to real-time data processing pipelines integrated with key SaaS cloud offerings; to full-scale geographic platforms.

We like nothing more than a good chat about Spring Boot, Docker and Kubernetes, SaaS, FaaS and BaaS, in fact, you can find a few of these from our past conference talks. Our real passion, however, lies in practically getting stuck in and helping to take our clients forward. So, whatever your challenge, we’d love to help – just reach out!



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We are passionate about building fit for purpose solutions with the right technology – not just recommending the latest and greatest. We’re pragmatic, hands-on, and big believers in collaboration. It’s our consultant’s ability to adapt their expertise and insights to diverse business challenges and contexts that brings lasting results to our clients.

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