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Making Connections Count

When your business relies on gaining intelligent insight from highly connected data, it’s important to have technology which supports doing this intuitively and efficiently.

That’s why we work with Neo4j and the Neo4j Graph Platform it powers. Together, they enable you to store, manipulate, and most importantly, examine interconnected data from many different angles.

You’ll uncover hidden insights, make sense of complex interdependencies and identify relationships across data sets. And you’ll get to see and explore your problem space in a totally different light.

We continue to be impressed with the results of the platform, and how it intelligently powers real-time applications across a whole host of scenarios. These include:

  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine learning
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Real-time recommendations and personalization
  • Fraud detection
  • Network and IT operations


From day one, Neo4j was designed to be efficient and super-fast at traversing highly connected data, even as it grows. This is a key factor we take into consideration when deciding which solution best fits our clients’ specific needs. Further benefits include:

Protecting your data integrity with an ACID-compliant database
Perfect for all levels of users with powerful, productive, yet approachable Cypher Query language
Building on the core Neo4j database, the graph platform gives you additional tooling, exploration and insight options, including:

Discovery & Visualisation
Graph Analytics
Data Integration (ETL)
Whilst you may choose to use Neo4j as your primary database, you can just as easily deploy it in addition to, or alongside your existing enterprise data infrastructures. This way, you’ll gain powerful insight capabilities, but without disrupting your day-to-day operations.


We’ve worked with Neo4j for many years, and so our team knows a fair bit about it. Our consultants are certified and highly regarded in the Neo4j space. As well as authoring the Manning “Neo4j in Action” book, we’ve also contributed to open source Neo4j-based projects.

So, whether you’re in social networking, telecoms, supply-chain management – or pretty much any industry, we can help your organisation tell a better story with its data.

Some of the ways we’ve helped-out clients, as part of our Discovery and Delivery  services, include:

  • Assessing how Neo4j fits with business needs
  • Exploring graph data modelling and development patterns
  • Providing technical leadership and steering through implementation
  • Building and developing of microservices
  • Operational guidance for running small-to-large Neo4j projects
  • Integration expertise for combining Neo4j with additional technologies as part of broader data engineering and machine learning and data analysis  initiatives



Spring Data Neo4j (SDN) Contributions


  • Neo4j in Action Authored by Jonas Partner, Nicki Watt, Tareq Abedrabbo, Dominic Fox and Aleksa Vukotic.