Open Credo

The Kubernetes Ecosystem

Kubernetes (K8S) is an open source platform which allows you to reliably deploy, run and scale containerised workloads, such as microservices.

Kubernetes handles the operational pain and complexity of managing and keeping your application services healthy. The result? Developers are freed-up to focus on building features which add real value to the business.

Fast becoming more than just an ‘orchestration engine’, Kubernetes is being embraced by both the broader community and commercial entities. With its core pluggable nature, Kubernetes enables the development of an ecosystem of tools and approaches. Ever-richer services, offerings, best practices and methodologies continue to spring up from its faithful community.

As the leading platform in this space, Kubernetes makes building reliable, scalable services for your most critical business systems a reality.


For organisations keen to explore and develop their capabilities with Kubernetes, our Discovery and Delivery  services are ideal. Here are just a few ways we can help:

  • Architectural reviews of Cloud Native & Kubernetes based systems
  • Development of Kubernetes-focused proof-of-solutions plus full scale cloud native systems
  • Integration expertise for combining Kubernetes with key data engineering  technologies, such as Kafka
  • Operational guidance and assessments for running small-to-large Kubernetes clusters



We’ve worked with many clients to deliver complex Cloud Native projects where Kubernetes has been an integral part of the solution.

Making these projects a success is down to our experience of Kubernetes. Not only do we continually invest time and effort in tracking this fast-moving technology, but our involvement with Kubernetes goes back to even before the 1.0 release.

Adopting Kubernetes without the right approach and expertise can just as easily derail an initiative as it can make it a success. We’ve seen this happen!

So, whether you need general consultancy and strategy, hands-on development, or help transitioning your organisation to use Kubernetes – OpenCredo can help. We’ll partner with you and use our long-standing expertise to deliver an adoption of Kubernetes that will hit the ground running.