Open Credo


Kubernetes (K8S) is an open-source system for automating the deployment, scaling, and management of containerized applications. Kubernetes takes care of operations, management and keeping application services healthy, ultimately freeing developers up to focus on what really matters – building their applications! 

Even so, experience shows that K8s is a complex technology which is still some way off from being able to offer genuine increased speed and reliability by itself. Indeed, one only has to look at the CNCF’s (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) landscape of supporting technologies that accompanies the Kubernetes ecosystem to recognise there is a fair amount of stitching together required to achieve a cohesive and meaningful end outcome. From GitOps to observability tooling, to security and storage solutions, finding your way can be a challenge. 

The benefits if implemented correctly however are many. This includes gaining: 

  • Improved scalability and availability
  • Faster & more reliable development cycles
  • Sustainable cost optimisations across your IT estate
  • Flexibility with multi-cloud options


Our experience with Kubernetes dates back before the 1.0 release. We’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and understand what it takes to get this right! 

We understand that it can be difficult for teams to learn and master Kubernetes, let alone the significant investment of time and resources often required by organisations to implement and manage this effectively. 

This is where OpenCredo can help…

Our consultants are Kubernetes certified, and our teams have real world experience accelerating cloud native and Kubernetes journeys within organisations. Whether you’ve just starting out, gotten stuck along the way, or a have a deadline to meet, our approach is always tailored and pragmatic. We focus on our client’s unique business needs and goals and work alongside and with your teams, we do not overtake them. 

Some of our key offerings:

Strategic Consulting & Architectural Reviews

Need to kickstart or advance your K8S cloud-native initiative? Our seasoned consultants provide the expertise to keep your modernization and transformation efforts on course. Through independent reviews, we assist leaders in assessing the suitability of solutions for meeting crucial business and technical objectives. If any gaps exist, we explore and present potential options to address and rectify them.

Upskilling & Hands-on Delivery

Need to boost your delivery function but find it challenging to onboard skilled engineers quickly? We collaborate closely with your current teams, providing targeted leadership, guidance, and hands-on expertise in design and implementation. Our focus is on empowerment through mentoring, upskilling, and practical application of best practices. We help you get stuff done, and get it done right.

Platform Engineering & IDP Development

Looking to scale your business, deliver faster and empower your internal development teams? We help organizations overcome the challenges of directly using Kubernetes by designing and developing Internal Development Platforms (IDPs) that provide appropriate abstractions. Our solutions focus on automation, empowerment, and improving efficiency in key engineering areas such as infrastructure, environment provisioning, and CI/CD.

Operational Guidance & Assessments

Just starting out, or unsure if your K8S cluster is appropriately setup and configured for your unique context? We offer assistance in assessing and optimizing its configuration to suite your technical as well as organisation objectives. From single clusters to multi-tenant setups, we guide you through available options and can support you in safely navigating through the process.