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Why Terraform?

The demand for faster routes to market and the need for reliability and scalability has caused a real shift in the way systems are built. Automation is key, not only for managing software, but also the infrastructure that underpins it. Terraform is an open source tool from HashiCorp which focuses on doing just this.

Infrastructures spread across multiple clouds are taking over from traditional static setups based in private data centres. In theory, this is great. But with different providers, offerings, APIs and ways of interacting with them, maintenance of widespread infrastructures can become a nightmare.

Terraform makes managing these target providers easier and more predictable. First it provides a consistent way to actually define what’s required (infrastructure as code). Then, regardless of the target – private or public cloud, external service (like a DNS or SaaS offering) or even a mixture, the same workflow and provisioning process can be applied.

Extending Terraform through providers

Terraform is an extensible tool. This means that as well as being able to interact with the major providers as standard, ‘out of the box’, you can also develop your own.

If your business provides an ‘as a Service’ offering to clients, e.g.IaaS, PaaS or even SaaS, it may benefit from a custom Terraform Provider for them to use. This eases integration with your service, and can help with adoption of your offering as a result. As long as your service is exposed via an API, you are generally good to go.



We don’t just rate HashiCorp tools, our OpenCredo teams regularly use, and often contribute to them, as part of our delivery services from Cloud Native to Data Engineering areas. And, while our primary focus is Terraform and Vault, as official System Integration partners, we can help you with all aspects of getting the most out of HashiStack products.


OpenCredo is also a recognised Terraform Provider Development partner. So, whether you’re looking to build a new Terraform Provider from scratch, or enhance an existing one, our delivery services will make it easy.

Our significant experience in building and contributing to public and private providers has given us a great insight into how a good provider behaves. We know what your users will expect from them, as well as how to spot and deal with random quirks! As such, you can be confident that we will ensure your provider is developed to behave intuitively and take HashiCorp standards and best practices into account.

Some of the names we’ve worked with include; AWS, Google, Azure as well as DigitalOcean and CloudFlare, amongst others.


We’re proud of our relationship with HashiCorp, of our partner status and place in the HashiCorp community. In fact, OpenCredo also organises and runs the London HashiCorp User Group.  We have over 2,000 members signed up.