Open Credo

Data driven, open cloud solutions

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is one of the three leading public cloud vendors offering infrastructure and platform services at scale. Whilst its low-cost infrastructure is a factor, we believe its primary benefits lie in its open cloud approach, and impressive focus on data-driven engineering and machine learning solutions.

An open cloud approach

Google are actively positioning themselves as an open cloud provider committed to open source principles. We very much share their belief that an open approach enables faster innovation, freedom from vendor lock-in and improves security. Google don’t just talk a good game, they walk the walk. Many of their robust SaaS offerings are based on open source technologies, for example Kubernetes (via GKE) and Istio.

Impressive data engineering and machine learning capabilities

We believe that one of GCP’s key differentiators is its first-class data offerings. Its integrated and serverless data platforms allow you to seriously accelerate your development, dealing with workloads of varying sizes and complexity. Being able to combine various offerings (many open source) gives you flexibility and power to get the most out of your data.


Our teams can provide both Discovery and Delivery services for Google Cloud Platform. So, for everything Cloud-based, we’re your people. While observing any sensitivities and the culture of your business, we’ll always give you an honest, unbiased opinion on how best to achieve the optimum result for your business.Examples of how we can help include:

Additionally, our open source heritage places us in a good position to advise and help clients assess the benefits of embracing open source software compared with closed platform services. We take cost, effort and operational ease into account to ensure you get an optimal solution.


OpenCredo is proud to be a Google Cloud Platform partner. This means that our consultants are guaranteed to have a high level of expertise in GCP and can, if necessary, escalate issues to technical staff at Google.

While building our experience, we’ve delivered a host of successful projects on Google Cloud Platform. These range from design and build, to analysis of financial research environments. Every project has given us an opportunity to leverage best practice in cloud delivery- helping us to enhance and fine-tune our approach.

Being early adopters of container technology, we have implemented and consulted on many self-managed Kubernetes clusters. Now, we use our expertise to advise on Google Container Engine (GKE) and ensure clients always get the very best result.