Open Credo

The tough, scalable solution

OpenCredo has been working with Apache Cassandra since 2012. It’s fair to say we’ve got to know the database very well, and now use our expertise to help our clients get the most out of it too.

Why Cassandra?

Apache Cassandra is a robust and highly scalable database. It’s a distributed wide column NoSQL store that’s particularly good for scenarios where you need to write and store massive amounts of data fast – from real-time analytics to event-based systems and streaming data. With features like linear scalability, multi data-centre replication and tunable consistency, it fits in very well into the most demanding of enterprise setups.


Ideally, we’ll help by engaging with you early. That way, we can ensure Cassandra is optimally located within your system right from the start. But we’re also happy to help with troubleshooting existing clusters – we’ve seen most issues before and always relish the opportunity to optimise a system!

Some of the ways that we’ve helped our clients, as part of our Discovery and Delivery services include…

  • Giving an expert opinion on data store technology
  • Providing technical leadership during implementation
  • Design and development patterns
  • Operational guidance for running small-to-large Cassandra clusters
  • Expertise within integration of Cassandra with other technologies (such as Spark) as part of broader data engineering and machine learning and data analysis initiatives
  • Troubleshooting:
    • Queries with consistently lower than expected performance
    • Compaction issues
    • Unpredictable query performance
    • Node failures



Back in 2013, OpenCredo became a DataStax partner recognising our significant experience in helping customers with Apache Cassandra and DataStax Enterprise. This partnership saw OpenCredo become the very first UK-based partner to have consultants complete the partner certification process. We’ve never looked back!

When we first trialled Apache Cassandra, it proved itself by dealing with some issues our client was experiencing with larger than expected data volumes. Since then, we’ve got to know Cassandra very well and learned how to help clients get the very best from it.

We’ve worked with everyone – from start-ups to global corporations, from retail to logistics. Our Cassandra specialists have tackled projects from debugging thorny cluster problems to building full event-driven systems – we’ve seen and worked on it all!

And now, we often recommend partners who can provide Cassandra as a service to our clients. This way, you can focus on optimising your development and data modelling activities.


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