Open Credo

Proving and Building Solutions

Grounded in real-world experience, industry knowledge and up-to-date skills, we know what it takes to build modern, secure, reliable and scalable solutions. And the right people are central to this. For each project, we put together a team of engineers with the right balance and mix of skills for the job – whether that’s a small, focused setup delivering a proof of solution, or a cohesive multidisciplinary team building a critical system across multiple geographic regions.

We value working collaboratively and flexible with our clients. So, we offer self-contained ‘teams as a service’, as well as options to work with existing teams and projects. We are known for bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to challenging scenarios, as well as de-risking and stabilising critical projects.

Ultimately, we ensure solutions are optimised to bring your business maximum competitive advantage.

Proof of Solution

Proof of solutions provides you with tangible evidence and a business case which demonstrates how contemporary technologies and approaches can be combined to address your key business challenges.

This goes beyond a simple artificial ‘lab style’ proof of concept. Complex systems are hard to get right, and can be messy when they go wrong. We believe confidence in the results is only possible when solutions demonstrate their capabilities across realistic setups and scenarios.

Building on our experience across multiple industries and projects, OpenCredo’s proof of solutions span key areas of software delivery. These include application development, testing & observability (including unexpected failure scenarios) and infrastructure automation via DevOps style tooling. They also cover the creation of environments and continuous delivery pipelines.

Our proof of solutions provide a suitable and flexible foundation upon which further development can evolve. The knowledge and insight gained from this phase provides a valuable decision point, allowing for further design and development iterations.

Development & Delivery

Building modern, secure, reliable and scalable solutions is at the heart of what we do.

Whether following on from a proof of solution, or directly initiated in its own right, our talented, cohesive multidisciplinary teams bring the skills required for critical projects to succeed.

Partnering with you

We believe in partnering with our clients. Our people work in partnership with yours to build a relationship of trust, promote collaboration, and guarantee that the end solution accurately serves your needs. Before moving on, we ensure you are empowered as an organisation to understand and run with your end solution.

Flexible working

Never fans of the one size fits all approach, our delivery teams are tailored to your unique environment, challenges and context. We use lean, agile principles to progress development quickly, whilst remaining flexible in the face of emergent understanding.

Where desired, we can also host and run projects from our offices here in London. Our modern delivery space is popular with clients looking for a bit more of a focused environment, away from the day-to-day bustle and distractions of office politics back home.


Our proof of solutions provide you with:

  • Confidence that the technologies and approaches selected will genuinely address your key business challenges in a reliable, scalable manner
  • A proven process of developing a production-quality solution that you can further expand on, either within your organisation or with external help
  • A visible and demonstrable outcome to help aid internal discussions and align with your organisation’s strategy

OpenCredo’s development and delivery teams can also de-risk and stabilise critical projects – reaching your goals faster and ultimately ensuring that your final solution is secure, reliable and scalable.


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