Open Credo

Proving and Building Solutions

Experience that is grounded in real-world experience, broad industry knowledge and up-to-date skills. We know how to build modern, secure and reliable solutions.

For each project, we curate a team with the most appropriate balance of skills. Whether that’s to deliver a proof of solution, or build a critical system across multiple geographic regions.

We value working collaboratively and flexibly with our clients. That may mean working side-by-side with existing in-house teams, or providing self-contained ‘teams as a service’.

Known for bringing fresh ideas and new perspectives to challenging scenarios, we can de-risk and stabilise critical projects. Our intention is to ensure solutions meet our client’s needs.

Proof of Solution

A Proof of Solution provides tangible evidence to demonstrate how selected technologies can meet a specific business challenge. 

This goes beyond a simple ‘lab style’ proof of concept. Complex systems are hard to get right, and potentially costly when they go wrong.

Using realistic setups and scenarios, to demonstrate the capability of a proposed solution, allows for confidence in the final outcome. This includes application development, testing and observability; plus infrastructure automation via DevOps style tooling. Work can be extended to also cover the creation of environments and continuous delivery pipelines.

Undertaking Proof of Solution work results in a sound and flexible foundation upon which further development can occur. The knowledge and insight gained from this phase also provides valuable insights, from which decisions for further design and development can be made.

Development & Delivery

Building secure, reliable and scalable solutions is at the heart of what we do.

A production-quality product can evolve from the Proof of Solution. Or be initiated from scratch. Our talented multi-disciplinary teams bring to each challenges, the skills required for success of critical projects.

Partnership & Collaboration

We believe that trust in working relationships allows for the best of all outcomes.

Our people prefer to collaborate directly with a client, to guarantee that the end solution accurately meets the client’s needs. During handover, we offer training to ensure our client is empowered to support and run with their end solution.

Flexible working

Never fans of a one-size-fits-all approach, our delivery teams are tailored to each unique project.

We use lean and agile principles to progress development quickly, whilst remaining flexible in the face of evolving requirements.

If desired, we can also host and run projects from our offices in London. Our modern delivery space is popular with clients looking for a purposefully-designed environment, away from the distractions of their own office.


Our Proof of Solutions provide you with:

  • Confidence the technologies and approaches selected will address key business challenges
  • A sound, production-quality technical foundation, upon which a final solution can be built
  • A cost-effective and demonstrable outcome to aid strategic discussions and inform subsequent decision-making

Our Production-ready solutions provide you with:

  • The de-risking and stabilising of critical projects
  • In-house training on contemporary technologies
  • A final solution is that is secure, reliable and scalable

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