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Having worked with a number of clients like Verica to help accelerate the building and success of their platform initiatives, we know what it takes to get this done right!

Let us help you build a platform initiative that:

What is Platform Engineering?

Platform Engineering is a socio-technical discipline aimed at building foundational software platforms and associated ecosystems that are geared around accelerating, empowering and creating efficiencies for modern software delivery teams.

A key outcome of a platform engineering initiative is often an internal developer platform (IDP). This is best described as a collection of curated self-service tools, workflows and services made available to various internal development teams. Through abstractions, simplified interfaces and tailored paths, IDPs take on the heavy lifting tasks and free-up developers to focus on building, deploying and ultimately delivering business value to end users. CI/CD, Gitops and Infrastructure-as-code all form part of a one-stop self-service platform.

There are several benefits that platform engineering (or IDPs) can bring to a business:

  • Increased developer productivity and efficiency: through tooling, automation and infrastructure-as-code your development teams will be able to focus on delivery meaning you will able to build new features or go-to-market faster
  • Business Innovation: through the pragmatic use of standards, providing consistency and confidence to developers and management alike your business will be able to increase in innovation
  • Sustainable Scalability: an IDP built well will enable organisations sustainably scale teams to meet increased business demands and in turn increase profits and decrease costs

People, Process & Platforms – A Community Focused Approach

 What does it take to build a robust platform for your multiple engineering teams to use, and build it well? One which can accommodate multiple teams, of varying skills, doing similar as well as very different things? This talk will explore these questions, looking at key technical aspects to consider, but just as important, organisational, soft skills and other factors which form part of the platform engineering discipline. Drawing on experience of working across a variety of clients with different setups, we look at what it takes to build a platform which is fit to serve the communities which will ultimately use it.


Developing and running distributed systems in production at scale is hard, but often provides the core foundation which enables businesses to achieve their goals.

We offer technical and strategic consultancy as well as hands-on experts and teams to accelerate the development of cloud-native platforms. With experience ranging from startups to highly regulated enterprises, we can help you achieve the stability, transparency, security and usability required for success.


With our real-world experience across industries, OpenCredo consultants provide expert advice and insight on technology choices, socio-technical trade offs and many other aspects of building or improving an existing Internal Developer Platform (IDP) that truly works for your business needs and goals.

End-to-End Delivery

Our cross-functional teams deliver scalable end-to-end solutions that can handle complex platform needs. From road-mapping, to design, to the final implementation and validation, we partner with you each step of the way to ensure success.

Dedicated & Augmented Teams

With deep expertise in Cloud, Kubernetes, Kafka and other CNCF technologies, our engineers partner with you to accelerate delivery, increase productivity and up skill your teams.

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GOTO Amsterdam 2023

GOTO Amsterdam, a software development conference that brings together individuals and organizations transforming the worldwide tech sector will feature a talk from our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt on 28th June 2023. Find out more here.

PlatformCon 2023

We are excited to announce that PlatformCon will once again feature our CEO/CTO Nicki Watt and Technical Delivery Director James Bowkett. Platform Engineers from a variety of industries will be gathered at PlatformCon 2023 to discuss Stories, Technology, Design, and Culture live on stage. Find out more here.

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