Open Credo

Accelerated Generative-AI Product Development

Livy AI is a startup with a mission to unlock the future of entertainment through AI-driven features tailored for the dynamic world of content creation. In this particular case, Livy AI were exploring new ways to support content creators through companion tooling to help their customers create full-length, high quality film scripts using the latest in AI tooling.

OpenCredo was brought in to partner with the Product Engineering team to help advance their script-writing tooling and develop the product further through our software engineering and ML expertise.

Hands-on ML/AI consulting and expertise

After some initial time assessing Livy AI current offering and core technological approach, it was agreed that maximum benefit would be achieved by focusing efforts on how to best select, tune and integrate key foundational models into this space.  Through close collaboration, our team explored various approaches to leveraging the latest Large Language Models (LLMs) via a series of experiments, provided hands-on technical delivery and analysed competitor offerings for product development considerations. The experiments explored prompt engineering, LLM-agent approaches and existing screenwriting techniques.

Delivery included: 

  • Technical product strategy – A technical write-up & executive summary of how Livy AI could further develop their product in this space 
  • Rapid application prototypes – 3 different executable script generation solutions created and documented in Gitbook
  • Competitor landscape analysis – A competitor product analysis that included product development considerations

Accelerated Product Development and Competitive Advantage

Through the partnership, Livy AI were able to :

  • Accelerate R&D efforts and converge on a fuller and more complete screenwriting solution
  • Assess and validate existing approaches 
  • Improve the quality, length and overall story structure of generated scripts
  • Engineer and integrate LLM prompts effectively in an application setting
  • Develop methods that address LLM limitations, including token limits which helped to reduce continuity errors

Livy AI are now able to offer a more refined experience, specific to scriptwriting, which aids in setting them apart from generic tools like ChatGPT.

“Collaborating with OpenCredo has been a game-changer for Livy AI. Initially, we faced a unique challenge in shaping our AI solution. OpenCredo not only provided a fresh and creative vision but also exhibited a level of engineering excellence that surpassed our expectations. Their meticulous documentation and seamless communication streamlined the development process, resulting in an incredible impact on our project. Working with OpenCredo was not just productive; it was a transformative experience. I wholeheartedly recommend OpenCredo to any company looking to turn their business ideas into reality.” – Jonathan Browne, Founder of Livy AI