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May 10, 2016 | Data Engineering, White Paper

Concursus: Event Sourcing for the Internet of Things

In this technical report, we present Concursus, a framework for developing distributed applications using CQRS and event sourcing patterns within a modern, Java 8-centric, programming model. Following a high-level survey of the trends leading towards the adoption of these patterns, we show how Concursus simplifies the task of programming event sourcing applications by providing a concise, intuitive API to systems composed of event processing middleware.


Tareq Abedrabbo

Tareq Abedrabbo

Concursus: Event Sourcing for the Internet of Things

This report includes a brief account of a distributed, microservice-based architecture which we successfully implemented using these techniques. We then discuss the scalability, reliability and fault-tolerance characteristics an event system should have, and how Concursus supports building systems with these characteristics. Finally, we indicate some future directions in event sourcing and stream processing technology and suggest how Concursus can be integrated with emerging technologies such as Apache Kafka.

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