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Empowering the data-driven business

Originally developed at LinkedIn, Apache Kafka powers some of the world’s most demanding organisations. Kafka leads the way when it comes to open source distributed streaming – dealing with large-scale data reliably, at scale and at speed.

Used intelligently, timely access to data holds the key to many significant and varied business opportunities. Kafka handles data efficiently and processes it in real-time (through features like KStreams and KSQL), unlocking otherwise untapped potential.

Kafka’s approach to handling the complex enterprise integration landscape is also very appealing. Without care, multiple databases, feeds and sources fast became headaches with spaghetti-style connection architectures. With Kafka Connect, you gain a standard, scalable way to simplify and tame this complexity.

Confluent Platform

The Confluent Platform further improves and enhances Apache Kafka. It does this by making Kafka easier to deploy, operate and optimise, and expanding on integration options. It comes in an open-source flavour, as well as an Enterprise version for organisations desiring more official support.



Explore how Kafka and/or the Confluent Platform, can transform your data streaming needs. We provide full Discovery and Delivery services, and can help in the following ways:

  • Architectural reviews and assessments
  • Development of Kafka-focused proof-of-solutions
  • Full-scale systems involving event-driven architectures, microservices and streaming pipelines
  • Development of Kafka Connectors
  • Operational guidance and assessments for running small-to-large clusters
  • Integration expertise for combining Kafka with additional technologies (like Neo4j, Spark and Cassandra) as part of broader data engineering and machine learning and data analysis initiatives.



When it comes to Kafka, at OpenCredo we know how to get the very best from it – whatever the scenario or challenges. Having worked with key data engineering practices and distributed data technologies for many years, we bring a genuine depth of insight to every project.

Our expertise goes far beyond the technology itself – we’re passionate about the fundamentals behind data-driven approaches and distributed system architectures. This is often the reason we’re chosen to help organisations from Fintech to IOT adopt Kafka. When it comes to Kafka, we’ve seen and experienced the lot. So, whatever your unique setup, we can partner with you to ensure Kafka is successfully, seamlessly adopted within your architecture.


Confluent is the key commercial driving force behind Apache Kafka. In fact, over three quarters of Kafka code based is created by the Confluent team. OpenCredo is an official integration partner of Confluent, and our consultants have completed official Confluent certified training. You can also find us speaking The Kafka Summit 2018.