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Originally developed at LinkedIn, Apache Kafka powers some of the world’s most complex organisations. Kafka leads the way when it comes to open source distributed messaging and streaming – dealing with large-scale data reliably, at-scale and at-speed. Handling data efficiently and processing it in real-time, Kafka enables you to manage your big data challenges.

OpenCredo have deep expertise in Apache Kafka and in designing the distributed data systems and cloud native architectures which use it.

We’re passionate about leveraging the fundamentals underlying distributed data-driven systems to produce systems that work. This is often the reason we’re chosen to help organisations – from Fintech to IOT – adopt Kafka. Whatever the setup, we can ensure Kafka is successfully and seamlessly adopted within a business’ architecture.

Apache Kafka is great for businesses handling high volumes of streaming data. It presents a novel and appealing approach to handling complex enterprise integration. Without care, however, adding multiple databases, data feeds and sources, can over time, create serious headaches and spaghetti-style architectures.


As Confluent partners, we have deep knowledge of Kafka and it’s use in the implementation of streaming data systems. We know how to get the very best from Kafka – whatever the scenario or challenges, we can deliver solutions which will provide confidence in your business data.

We provide full Discovery and Delivery services, and can help in the following ways:

  • Architectural reviews and assessments
  • Development of Kafka-focused proof-of-solutions
  • Full-scale systems involving event-driven architectures, Microservices and streaming pipelines
  • Development of Kafka Connectors
  • Operational guidance and assessments for running small-to-large clusters
  • Integration expertise for combining Kafka with additional technologies (like Neo4j, Spark and Cassandra) as part of broader Data Engineering initiatives.


If successfully adopted, Apache Kafka can offer the following benefits to your business:

  • Your systems won’t crash. Kafka acts as a buffer, solving the slow, multi-step process usually required for data transformations from external source systems. It receives data from source systems and then makes this data available to target systems in real-time, and because Kafka is its own separate set of servers (clusters), you will have a more reliable system that won’t crash.
  • No more multiple integrations. Because all your data now goes through Apache Kafka, there is no need for multiple integrations. Your developers will spend less time coding and get better results!
  • Low latency and high throughput. Without the need for multiple integrations, Apache Kafka reduces latency, delivering data quickly and in real time. It can also horizontally scale to hundreds of brokers (or servers) within a cluster to manage big data.
  • Easy access to data. As all your data is now centralized in Apache Kafka, it makes it easily accessible to any team


Confluent is the key commercial driving force behind Apache Kafka. Over three quarters of Kafka code is created by the Confluent team. OpenCredo is an official integration partner of Confluent. Our consultants have completed the official Confluent certified training, and also spoke at the Kafka Summit 2018.