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In their raw state, cloud services are designed to work with an extremely broad range of end users. For this reason before any organisation can start to work with cloud services, there must be a fundamental set of configuration and controls put in place to align usage with business requirements.

Over recent years, there has also been growing ambition in application architecture embracing distributed systems and microservices. While these systems simplify the process of developing scalable and evolvable applications, they tend to create the side effect of increasing complexity in the infrastructure evidenced by the increasing adoption of powerful container orchestration systems like Kubernetes.

At the intersection of these two challenges is the infrastructure platform, which seeks to create a stable, reliable, secure and user friendly conduit for the deployment and operation of applications in development, test and production environments. The platform seeks to create a self-service architecture for development teams to obtain frictionless deployment. It seeks to create an operations interface capable of taming the complexity of modern distributed infrastructure.

At OpenCredo, we have been working with Cloud and Container infrastructure for many years – from early partnerships with Mesosphere to sponsoring the ContainerSched conferences and through to the dominance of Kubernetes. We work with startups and enterprises in challenging regulatory and security domains to help them make sense of the change and challenges presented by the cloud approach to infrastructure.



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We understand the technology but over the years it has become clear that success requires an approach which delivers an internal product of the quality which we have grown to expect from the consumer market. On this basis, we have teamed up with our parent organisation, Trifork to bring Design Thinking to our technical work. We not only want to ensure that your infrastructure is technically excellent, we wish to ensure that it is easily and widely adopted within your organisation.


We believe that full automation is necessary for the management of complex modern infrastructure. Infrastructure-as-code not only means building scripts but treating infrastructure code with the same levels of diligence as we would treat application code. Infrastructure is now part of the delivery pipeline and must be tested and governed appropriately.



We also understand the Ironies of Automation – that the more you automate a system, the more skilled the operators of that system must become. When the automation breaks, these failures will come in unexpected place where a deep system knowledge becomes essential. To train and maintain these skills, the system operators must continuously interact with the system via analysis and game-day scenarios such as chaos testing.

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OpenCredo exists to solve complex problems. We relish the challenges presented by modern distributed applications and the infrastructure required to support them. We seeking to create platforms that render cloud infrastructure systems reliable and easy to use.