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News | November 24, 2010

OpenCredo is Host for QCon London’s “Enterprise Agile Transformation” Track

OpenCredo is Host for QCon London’s “Enterprise Agile Transformation” Track

Proud hots to this years QCon “Enterprise Agile Transformation” track

OpenCredo, Excellence in Enterprise Software Development Products and Services, has been invited for the second year running to host a track at QCon in London. In line with OpenCredo’s extensive experience in the area, Russ Miles, CEO of OpenCredo, will host the “Enterprise Agile Transformation” track on the first day of the conference scheduled to be at the Queen Elizabeth II Exhibition Centre, opposite Westminster Abbey from the 9th to the 11th of March, 2011.

Successful Agile Transformation at Scale

The format of the track is unique as it will be bringing thought-leaders and practitioners that turn those thoughts into action together to share their experiences of how to beat the hard challenges of scaling agile and lean practices and thinking across a large organisation or product group. From the track description

“It’s not an easy journey, and the hardest steps are often the first. Then, they get harder! Turning around an Enterprise to use a new approach and culture is often compared to moving the moon out of its orbit with a spatula… but it can be done.

This track is going to show you how.

Talking from the vantage point of years of real-world experience this track draws from a collection of the best, and most brutally honest, real-world experts as they share their experiences on the hard journey towards the agile enterprise. A unique opportunity to hear from folks who are in the trenches as they guide their enterprises towards great agility, and from the experts who offer the gentle, and sometimes not so gentle, coaching and advice to help them along that journey.”

“The aim of this track is to give the attendees the arguments and actions to begin, or continue, their own organisations journey towards being more lean and agile.” said Russ Miles, CEO of OpenCredo. “Bringing in OpenCredo’s existing substantial experience in lean and agile transformation, together with the most prominent thought leaders in this space and their practitioners that have been actually ‘doing it’, people get to take away the key messages and the actions that make a difference to an organisation’s success on this journey.”

Bringing Communities Together

Supporting Russ as track host will be Joel Jacobson, founder of the Agile London community. Agile London is sponsored and supported by OpenCredo, with Russ Miles, OpenCredo CEO, co-leading the community with Joel.

“I started Agile London as I saw a gap for a community of Agile ‘doers’; people who day-to-day look for and offer help and advice about real-world challenges.”, said Joel Jacobson. “This pragmatic take was right up Russ and OpenCredo’s street and meant we had a common ground from the get-go. We’re just now starting to see the fruits of this relationship, our Agile London January 2011 event being the first and being co-host with Russ on the track at QCon being the second. The next few months are really going to see some action in our community, and I’m excited to see where things are going to progress next.”

“Agile London was a no-brainer for OpenCredo. Joel just completely understood our pragmatic approach to lean and agile software development methods and our desire to support a community that had that same pragmatic beat in its heart”, said Russ Miles. “Bringing Joel into the action at QCon was just as simple a decision as it brings together these two communities, one being the established QCon conference circuit and the other being the rapidly emerging Agile London scene, and gives them the opportunity to work together for the greater good of both. It’s exciting stuff and working with Joel and everyone on both is going to be a lot of fun.”

About Agile London

Agile London is “The place where Agile speaks”. Initially formed around a community web site by Joel Jacobson, the community has continued to grow and now, supported by OpenCredo, is gearing up to stage its first event in January of 2011.



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