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News | March 24, 2017

OpenCredo, goes Back to The Trenches for Regenerate!

OpenCredo, goes Back to The Trenches for Regenerate!

As a company that values team building and making positive changes, we have decided to start raising money for a local UK charity, Regenerate and international charity, Red Cross through our team building activities. Going “back to the trenches” for Regenerate was our first!

The self-challenging, 10km obstacle course mud run, Back to the Trenches took place this Sunday, which was a perfect time for our team building skills to shine for a good cause. An adventurous group from the OpenCredo team (including the team mascot, the OC owl) got up in the early hours of the morning to tackle the 10kms which had over 60 obstacles mixed in with wooded trail runs, mud and many challenging hills. There was a lot of running, walking, a few shrieks and many laughs had along the way! As a hands on tech consulting company we pride ourselves on really getting stuck into challenges. This pushed us to our most literal interpretation of this statement! We are pleased to say that everyone (even the owl) successfully completed the course. But additionally, of the 100s that were participating, our Lead Consultant, Guy Richardson was the 28th person to run through the finish line!

Why did we choose Regenerate? Regenerate works with young people and families in Roehampton and estates across London, helping transform lives and communities from inside out. The team behind Regenerate live inside the community and alongside the people they support through various programmes. The Feel Good Bakery is just one out of the many Regenerate initiatives, which provides the opportunity for young people who are turning their backs on gang life and crime, to be trained and employed. However, the transformation doesn’t stop with the bakery’s employees. The bakery also partners with grassroots organisations so that for every sandwich bought a meal is also bought for a child living in extreme poverty. And so, as a company who embraces and strives to drive positive change that also values opportunities for personal growth and learning, we simply believe in their mission.

After a cold and muddy Sunday in the “trenches’’ that brought many smiles, a few sore muscles and a couple of not so dainty somersaults, our team raised £650.00 to go towards The Feel Good Bakery’s mission. After letting Regenerate in on the news, Andy Smith Co-Founder of Regenerate reached out to us to let us know that the money raised will in fact be going towards giving another young person who’s turning their back on gang activity the opportunity to join the feel good bakery program.

We would like to say a big thank you once again to those who participated from OpenCredo and everyone who generously contributed to the funds raised!

The OpenCredo fundraising page is open and we are still hopeful that the figures will rise! You can visit our fundraising page here to make contributions towards both the Regenerate and Red Cross missions.



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