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News | February 5, 2013

Introducing CloudCredo!

Introducing CloudCredo!

OpenCredo is pleased to announce its participation in a new joint venture; CloudCredo

OpenCredo has been interested in Cloud Foundry since the early days and has been running production apps with Cloud Foundry since 2011 –

More recently we have seen an increasing number of customers who are interested in running and customising their own Cloud Foundry instances.

To address this demand we have established CloudCredo. CloudCredo combines the knowledge of OpenCredo with two people who have extensive knowledge in the setup, customisation and operation of Cloud Foundry instances.

Colin Humphreys has been working with Cloud Foundry since day one. He lead the installation of the first Cloud Foundry to deliver SLA-driven production services, delivers tooling to the Cloud Foundry community, and is a regular conference speaker on Platform-as-a-Service(PaaS)-related topics. He also organises the London PaaS User Group.

Andrew Crump was an early adopter of Cloud Foundry and is well known within the Opscode Chef community for his development of open source tooling for infrastructure-as-code. Prior to his involvement in CloudCredo, Andrew led the implementation of development tooling for a FTSE-100 company

CloudCredo will be offering supported Cloud Foundry instances for a fixed monthly cost for those people wanting to get up and running without the learning curve. The fixed monthly cost will cover initial installation, upgrades and support. As part of this new venture CloudCredo will be shortly making Cassandra support for Cloud Foundry available. In addition to offering support for standard installs we will also be offering supported extensions that can be built to meet the needs of specific customers.

See for future announcements.



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