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News | August 2, 2016

OpenCredo joins the HashiCorp Channel Partner program

OpenCredo joins the HashiCorp Channel Partner program

OpenCredo announced as Founding Partner within the HashiCorp Systems Integration Partners program

With two senior consultants taking the lead as HashiScholars, OpenCredo are excited to be a Founding Partner of the HashiCorp System Integration Partners program. OpenCredo are in fact one of the first organisations to join the HashiCorp Channel Partner program.

OpenCredo have a track record in helping companies benefit from advances in the DevOps and infrastructure automation space. Confirming our commitment to the leading technologies and players in this space, we are pleased to announce our membership in the HashiCorp Channel Partner program.

HashiCorp’s commitment to building solid, single focus tools fits in perfectly with OpenCredo’s approach of integrating flexible, best of breed software when building and delivering customers’ enterprise level solutions. As we are already active users of the HashiCorp tool set, we are excited that this collaboration will allow us to work even more closely with HashiCorp engineers and to gain deeper insight into their innovative products which can only benefit our customers.

– Nicki Watt, Lead Consultant, OpenCredo

More about the HashiCorp

HashiCorp was founded by Mitchell Hashimoto and Armon Dadgar in 2012 with the goal of revolutionizing datacenter management: application development, delivery, and maintenance.

The datacenter of today is very different than the datacenter of yesterday, and we think the datacenter of tomorrow is just around the corner. We’re writing software to take you all the way from yesterday to today, and then safely to tomorrow and beyond.

Physical, virtual, containers. Private cloud, public cloud, hybrid cloud. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS. Windows, Linux, Mac. These are just some of the choices faced when architecting a datacenter of today. And the choice is not one or the other; instead, it is often a combination of many of these.


The HashiCorp product suite consists of:

About OpenCredo

OpenCredo is a pragmatic hands-on software and devOps consultancy with a wealth of experience in open source technologies.

Since 2009, OpenCredo has been helping clients align technical and business strategy with a focus on delivering meaningful, cohesive solutions, including repeatable processes that take advantage of leading edge technologies and approaches in software development and programmable infrastructure.

Our commitment to going the extra mile builds long term trust collaborations that really deliver on client objectives.

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