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News | August 6, 2015

GOTO London 2015 “Agile, Lean and Rugged”

GOTO London 2015 “Agile, Lean and Rugged”

Exploring essential concepts for modern software development and delivery

With only two days of the early bird pricing left, now is the time to buy a ticket to the GOTO London software development and delivery conference that is guaranteed to entertain, educate and inspire! GOTO London has a range of expert speakers including Adrian Cockcroft, Dan North, Nicole Forsgren, Michael Brunton-Spall, Ines Sombra and Rachel Davis, and a cohesive story that explores issues that are vitally important within the world of modern software development, such as delivering customer value in a rapidly changing market, lean operations at scale, the container ecosystem wars, and XP in the 21st century.

The core theme at the inaugural GOTO London is “agile, lean and rugged”, and these topics fit perfectly with observations and requirements we are currently hearing from our clients. Most would agree that the introduction of agile has been a success within the implementation-focused realms of software development, but there is much work to do in order push this up and down the typical organisational process for building software that delivers value to customers and end-users.

Pushing agility up the development process naturally leads us to question what should be built, and here the benefits of lean thinking, such as value stream mapping, hypothesis-driven feature development and minimising waste, are highly beneficial. Pushing agility down into the deployment process has led to the creation of the DevOps movement, and here is where the value of being operationally rugged through automation and shared responsibility is vital for repeatable (and sustainable) success. GOTO London looks to be a perfect primer for exploring and understanding these topics.

The conference is running workshops Monday the 14th and Tuesday 15th September, and the main conference runs as a single-track event on Wednesday 16th and Thursday 17th, and a multi-track event on the Friday 18th. Check out the pricing options, and please use the ‘GOTOLdn50’ discount code for £50 off the price of a ticket.

The GOTO London conference website contains lots of additional information, and you can follow the GOTO London Twitter account for access to the latest news.

The OpenCredo team will be in attendance, and we’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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