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News | November 9, 2017

DevOpsDays Riga 2017 (Video): Technical and Project Management

DevOpsDays Riga 2017 (Video): Technical and Project Management

DevOpsDays Riga 2017: Technical and Project Management

Project Management: from Stone Age to DevOps

The DevOps movement is gradually changing IT organisations. Project managers are often forgotten, but they also need to change. Are project managers ready for the DevOps change?
The wall between Dev and Ops has now broken thanks to DevOps, but there are other walls that need to be broken. One of them is between developers and project managers, making the communication and understanding between them is difficult. We need to break this wall as the project manager needs to work alongside the DevOps team in order to help the company to change the old mindset and working together sharing goals and responsibilities.

In this talk, our Senior Consultant, Antonio Cobo covers the following points:
– Project Management Archaeology: Stone Age
This part is about project management and project delivery before Agile. Explaining the mindset and interactions between team members.
– Project Management Archaeology: Renaissance
On this part Agile arrived to project management and project delivery, changing interactions within the team and making people to educate and learn more about other ways of delivering projects.
– Project Management in the DevOps Era
The next step after agile, how DevOps is changing the mindset and the place/tasks of project managers on this time.

Lightning talk – Technical Debt: One way (good or bad?) to deal with it

The concept of Technical Debt is always different when you ask a developer or a sponsor. Why is it that complicated to understand for the sponsors? Why do developers struggle to explain it? In this lightning talk, Antonio shares one way of which he has used have used several times to deal with Technical Debt. It worked sometimes and it didn’t work other times, would it work for you?



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