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News | March 30, 2015

OpenCredo and Container Solutions Partner to Deliver Emerging Technologies

OpenCredo and Container Solutions Partner to Deliver Emerging Technologies

Container Solutions logoOpenCredo is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Amsterdam-based Container Solutions, who specialise in leveraging programmable infrastructure and container-based technologies to shorten the time it takes to develop and deploy mission critical applications.

This partnership will build on OpenCredo’s existing expertise in harnessing emerging technologies to deliver timely and cost-effective solutions that meets the requirements of our customers. OpenCredo work with a wide variety of clients, and have helped to develop large-scale digital platforms, modernise highly complex legacy applications, design and deploy solutions to process large amounts of ‘big’ data, and have also built and configured bespoke Platform as a Service implementations.

OpenCredo are now working with Container Solutions to deliver premium software application development and strategic services in London and throughout the UK. Together we offer services across the entire IT and software development lifecycle:

  • Developing high-level IT strategy
  • Architecting and building custom systems
  • Leading cultural change for embracing lean thinking, agile methodologies and DevOps principles
  • Implementation of continuous delivery pipelines
  • Application platform/environment assessment and strategy
  • Management consulting
  • Design of experiments (DOE)
  • Creation and configuration of custom platforms and tooling

OpenCredo and Container Solutions both specialise in leveraging the scalability and cost-benefits provided by emerging container-based technologies, such as Docker and Mesos.

We have been utilising Docker since its creation, and have developed both a deep understanding of the technology and also a series for patterns for deployment. We value open source software, and regularly contribute our knowledge back to the community.

Both OpenCredo and Container Solutions have designed and deployed production application platforms that utilise the Mesos cluster manager, which are running in Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Platform and on OpenStack. Once a continuous delivery build pipeline is established, the Mesos platform provides a flexible and highly scalable application fabric, which supports both rapid experimentation and highly-available production workloads.

We can provide Docker-certified training courses, both publicly and in-house, and can also offer bespoke training on a wide-range of topics. We specialise in emerging technologies and technical leadership, and can teach the technology champions in your business the necessary techniques and skills to work effectively within the constantly changing landscape of software development.

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