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News | February 11, 2013

CloudCredo is pleased to announce Cassandra as a Service support for CloudFoundry.

CloudCredo is pleased to announce Cassandra as a Service support for CloudFoundry.

It is with great pleasure we can announce today Cassandra support for Cloudfoundry. We here at CredoCredo have been using Cassandra and Cloud Foundry extensively in recent projects. However we missed that we couldn’t spin up new Cassandra instances on demand in our Cloud Foundry environments as you can with some other datastore technologies such as MongoDB and Redis.

That missing functionality coupled with the fact Cloud Foundry is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) designed to run across many distributed virtual machines seemed a natural fit for Cassandra, a distributed NoSQL database designed to handle data spread out across distributed nodes!

In this initial release CloudCredo is showcasing Cassandra single instance support. This means when a new service is requested in Cloud Foundry a new single node instance of Cassandra is started ready for your applications to bind to. Security and process management are all handled in a similar fashion to all of the other datastore technologies in Cloud Foundry. All you need to worry about is your application development! We can offer full Cassandra clustered support commercially contact for more information.

Code and instructions on how to install Cassandra as a Service using Chef can be found at: In the coming days we will be providing a micro Cloud Foundry instance containing Cassandra as a Service. There is also a sample client application at (simple_java_client) which can be used as a reference on how to connect to a Cassandra instance in your Cloudfoundry.

We are always looking for you feedback and ideas for improvements so please send us your thoughts and ideas.



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