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News | December 21, 2015

CloudCredo acquired by Pivotal

CloudCredo acquired by Pivotal
OpenCredo is pleased to announce that CloudCredo has been acquired by Pivotal.  CloudCredo was OpenCredo’s first spinout joint venture established to compliment our core consultancy services and focused on helping clients to use and extend Cloud Foundry. The spinout joint venture was established between OpenCredo, Colin Humphreys, Andrew Crump and Paula Kennedy.  We would like to extend our thanks and best wishes for the future to those people and everyone else involved in the joint venture. Under the deal all staff will move over to Pivotal and Colin Humphreys CEO of CloudCredo will become global CTO for Pivotal.

The acquisition puts a significant amount of capital into OpenCredo.  This money will be used to fund further spinouts including our most recent venture SpectoLabs, as well as strategic expansion of our consultancy business into new markets.



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