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Have you been sold the cloud native dream?

Looking for increased innovation, faster time to market, better scalability? You may have heard, or indeed been sold the dream that going “Cloud Native” is just what you need to achieve this. Whilst true in the abstract, reality often paints quite a different picture.

Going “cloud-native” is an approach to building and running applications capable of leveraging modern, scalable cloud delivery tools and techniques to meet these ambitious objectives. Yes, Containers, Kubernetes, DevOps, and Continuous Delivery play key roles in realizing these objectives, but there is much more to it than just that.

Having partnered and helped numerous clients on their cloud native initiatives, we’ve seen what works, what doesn’t, and the common things that trip them up – we’ve even presented at conferences on this subject. This whistle-stop ebook aims to give you 5 short sharp insights into common challenges and areas we often see people coming unstuck. So if you have hopes of gaining an agile and adaptive business platform and want to avoid landing up with a complex and unreliable system, download our Ebook and gain insight to help you stay on track!

Have you been sold the cloud native dream?<br />

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[ … Speaking of Black Friday …] “In this 4 day weekend we take 6% of our annual turnover and have 6x our average peak traffic; OpenCredo worked with us to completely overhaul our infrastructure including a complete migration to a container based solution running on AWS. This could not have gone smoother, and when others failed we had a great weekend.”

– Director of Engineering at


“During the design phase of our microservices platform, we used OpenCredo’s highly experienced and knowledgeable consultants to review our approach, designs and technology choices. They provided invaluable insight, challenged our assumptions and helped us avoid potential pitfalls; this in turn allowed us to accelerate the delivery of the platform so that we can build new components.”

– Kris Tokarzewski – CIO at Vitality UK

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OpenCredo exists to solve complex problems. Our engineering teams have successfully delivering secure, reliable cloud native solutions across a wide range of industries. Are you considering going on this journey, ready to build a solution or need to scale-up your existing system? Talk to us today about how we can help you navigate the cloud native landscape, and start driving IT value that your business takes notice of.