Open Credo


We bring seamless flow to your software delivery process, enabling happier staff to deliver better things to customers sooner.

Whilst technology is important, it’s not the whole story. Through a variety of tailored techniques, we create lasting progress by jointly improving technology and social dynamics – enabling work to flow faster and more seamlessly across your organisation. 



Understanding your unique situation is key, so we often begin by mapping out key aspects of your organisation or area and how they interact. This helps uncover and then tackle the challenges at their root and avoid brittle or risky, temporary fixes that offer little or – worse – negative improvement.

Our improvement activities are always customised to your situation. Areas which are often covered include:

  • Strategy Realignment to bring focus and coordination across all teams.
  • Challenge Existing Norms, surfacing and reevaluating rules that no longer offer benefit.
  • DevOps, Agile and Modern Management Methods to bring new methods for efficiency, effectiveness and staff satisfaction in how we operate.
  • Platform Engineering to support the operations and software development lifecycle with productive, secure and easy-to-use ingredients.
  • Cloud Native Architectures, unlocking rapid innovation, reduced operational overheads and optimised infrastructure costs.
  • Data Engineering for easy, secure access to data to realise your business’ ambitions.


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