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Decision-making based on insight

In today’s highly connected world, understanding and making sense of data is crucial. Accessible and digestible data provides valuable business insights, and consequently opportunities.

Rapidly maturing and accessible cloud solutions mean businesses of all sizes can now make the most of their data.

Through Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and statistical methods, innovation and decision-making based on data is now within the grasp of most organisations.

Data Analysis can include cleaning, arranging, assessing and presenting an interpretation of data.


OpenCredo has experience in many data processing technologies, including Machine Learning, graph and statistical analysis.
We can help you gain a solid understanding of your data, and ways to garner the greatest insight from it.

Examples of our Data Analysis & Machine Learning Discovery and Delivery work:

  • Discovered patterns in large data sets
  • Built pipelines involving a combination of algorithms, statistics and engineering method.
  • Calibrated and integrated Machine Learning models into data pipelines (see also  data engineering)
  • Delivered a large-scale data platform to support Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning training



We are seeing the fundamental mathematical algorithms – which drive Machine Learning – now being commodified. This is evident in the TensorFlow and Keras frameworks, and the service-based offerings in the cloud.

Many businesses today are keen to gain access to reliable infrastructure and data engineering processes, to ensure data quality and regularisation.

It is easy to experiment with Machine Learning. However, we strongly believe a deep knowledge of the underlying principles – both mathematical and conceptual – is essential.


Want to talk about your project?

We are passionate about building fit for purpose solutions with the right technology – not just recommending the latest and greatest. We’re pragmatic, hands-on, and big believers in collaboration. It’s our consultant’s ability to adapt their expertise and insights to diverse business challenges and contexts that brings lasting results to our clients.

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