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µCon London 2017: The Microservices Conference

Join us for µCon London 2017!

We are excited to announce that Tareq Abedrabbo, Matt Long and Fahran Wallace are speaking at µCon London 2017!

Join µCon 2017 to learn how other teams have adopted microservices and what they learned along the way. Help shape the conversation in discussions with some of the worlds leading architects and microservices experts. Share the challenges you are facing, the technologies you are exploring and the skills you have gained with 400 other engineers passionate about creating highly flexible systems that rock. Follow us at #mucon for all the latest updates on the conference!

A Not SO(A) Trivial Question! By Tareq Abedrabbo

It has been said that “Microservices is SOA done right”. But really, what’s the difference between SOA and microservices and why is this question fundamental and has implications that could go beyond a potentially amusing twitter debate?

Microservices have been around for a few years now. Many organisations with large and complicated systems that would truly benefit from introducing microservices can not do so in a vacuum; they are often operating in a context that has been heavily influenced by the SOA movement – for better or worse. This influence can often be easily discerned by existing technical choices, but what is less obvious but more important is the conceptual and architectural influence that the SOA approach is still exerting on how microservices systems even when technical legacy is not an issue.

This talk is based on 4 years and a few microservices project that Tareq has been directly involved in at different stages of maturity. Tareq will share with you some fundamental differences between SOA and microservices, and following that you will learn a number of pragmatic lessons and simple design recommendations that hopefully help bridge the gap between the reality of organisations trying to adopt microservices today and the bleeding edge of theory and technology. Many of these lessons can help you design and build better microservices architectures today.

Testing Programmable Infrastructure By Matt Long

With the rise of DevOps, programmable infrastructure is reaching widespread adoption. However, although automated testing of software is becoming more common, the same cannot be said of testing the automated deployment of cloud infrastructure.

With microservices making our deployments more and more complex, you can no longer afford to ignore this type of testing. During this talk you will learn some approaches to programmable infrastructure testing that we have created, from the perspective of a project that required functional testing of infrastructure.