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Why Graphs?

The world is becoming more complex, and more so than ever informed decision making has become critical for managing the uncertainty this creates.

James Fowler notes that “Relationships are the strongest predictors of behaviour” in his book “Connected”. And Graphs provide a very natural way to model this complexity, including constantly changing and evolving relationships.  

Whilst ML can help to some degree in helping us make better decisions, it sometimes falls short, especially when important predictive information like relationships are not taken into account. 

This e-book aims to shed light on what we believe is a real game-changer for those looking to improve upon simplistic answers sometimes arrived at by using traditional ML algorithms and approaches. We show how you are able to combine the power of both graphs and ML (in a variety of different ways) to help you arrive at better answers compared to using standard ML approaches alone.

the Author

Ebru Croppe

Ebru Cucen | Lead Consultant

Ebru is a Lead Consultant at OpenCredo who is passionate about turning data into actionable insights. She believes Graphs hold the key to unearthing novel and interesting answers to some of the most challenging connected data challenges posed by business today.

Building on her BSc in Mathematics, she has over 20 years of experience with a wide perspective in multiple business domains, including Finance, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), Pharma, Retail, and Transportation. Hands-on, she has been involved in the end-to-end design, building, and delivery of scalable fault-tolerant cloud-native solutions. With a more recent focus on data engineering, graphs, and ML/AI, she looks to combine the best of both worlds – gaining new and fresh insights, delivered through stable, reliable solutions.