Open Credo

Unlocking Faster Delivery with Kafka and Kubernetes Expertise

Bringing Continuous Verification to the masses

The tech industry is still striving for ever-quicker delivery cycles without sacrificing resilience.  Modern complex estates built on Kubernetes or data pipelines built on Kafka have made these platforms the backbone of our applications’ uptime.  However, how can we ensure these complex estates are resilient to failures or scalable when we need them? Our customer, Verica, has an answer to this—continuous verification, the next step in the evolution of Chaos Engineering. 

Verica is a young, yet highly skilled startup, with experience gained from big tech companies such as Netflix and Google. Verica’s Continuous Verification Platform (CVP), has the goal to enable companies to discover security and availability weaknesses before they become business-disrupting incidents.

OpenCredo was approached by Verica to join them on their mission.

Expanding the product featureset

Verica required extensive real-world, in-the-trenches Kafka and Kubernetes expertise to help their existing product development teams develop CVP verifications and collaborate on future verifications that would enrich the featureset as part of their go-to-market strategy.

Why OpenCredo

Our breadth of experience with delivering cloud native, K8s and Kafka-based platforms gives us a unique perspective with regards to potential issues that can arise when operating them at scale. The team were able to use this experience to ideate, design and implement new verifications for inclusion in the product roadmap.  

In short, our deep experience in their target markets and thorough product knowledge of the target platforms meant our team were able to innovate and very quickly scale out Verica’s product development team and deliver on their ambitious roadmap. 

Dedicated Team and Expertise Consultancy

OpenCredo provided a team of highly skilled and experienced consultants to advise and work closely with Verica’s CVP product development teams. We aligned our development approach with Verica to understand the process to take a Verification from inception to release.  

Our consultants supported the migration of existing verifications from a Python based platform to new ones written in Golang. OpenCredo then worked to refine and enrich the featureset with new verifications for both Kubernetes and Kafka.  

Unlocking Faster Delivery

The partnership between OpenCredo and Verica was a natural fit. Both companies were able to combine their knowledge of complex platforms and continuous verification to enhance Verica’s core offering.

Through this partnership:

  • The code base was simplified enabling new verifications to be delivered faster 
  • The number of K8S verifications was increased by 66% (12 => 20)
  • 15 new Kafka verifications were released
  • Verica was able to move their customers to the re-architected CVP platform

“…From day one, OpenCredo’s engineers were able to integrate with our team’s workflow and be productive. Their depth of knowledge and real-world experience not only helped increase feature velocity but also highlighted opportunities for simplification within our broader product architecture. We are delighted with the outcome. If you’re looking for a trustworthy partner who really knows their stuff, and are also just genuinely nice folks to work with, we highly recommend OpenCredo for any and all Kubernetes, Kafka, and platform engineering work.” – Casey Rosenthal, Co Founder & CEO of Verica, and Author of Chaos Engineering: System Resiliency in Practice