Open Credo

Transforming banking through cloud-native technology

We worked with a London-based Fintech startup looking to provide banking-as-a-service to organisations wishing to enter the challenger bank space. Their mission is to transform banking through their cloud-native technology platform – enabling their financial services clients to give their customers more timely, relevant and personalised experiences when it comes to managing money.


This startup was looking to scale their microservices-based platform beyond the initial MVP used to secure their first rounds of funding into one capable of scaling and supporting multiple high throughput clients. With ambitious growth plans, they were looking for a partner able to bring experience and expertise in cloud native and platform engineering space to help guide and accelerate this journey. 


With OpenCredo’s credentials well established in this space, we were invited to become part of this journey. We began by carrying out a strategic technical review of the existing MVP microservices architecture and DevOps practises with a specific focus on helping build a picture of how well the existing solution could scale and meet the expected business demand.  A report was produced which included an easy-to-understand score card of the existing maturity level within key architectural, operational, development and organisational areas. Risks were highlighted and concrete recommendations for moving forward communicated.

Following this review, OpenCredo helped guide the client in planning and implementing the report recommendations, becoming a key partner contributing to end-to-end delivery of the solution in the process. This included providing strategic direction and guidance throughout via key principal engineering roles. 

OpenCredo was given responsibility for heading up and running the core platform team. This team was focused on building and developing a custom AWS and K8S based Internal Developer Platform (IDP) underpinning 40+ concurrent feature teams delivering core banking business functionality on top of it. Alongside the delivery of a robust platform, the team’s remit included building various developer tools, running workshops, evangelising the platform and ultimately taking the necessary initiatives  to make developer and operational engineering lives easier. OpenCredo was further invited to inject and augment specific expertise into some of the banking feature teams developing Java, Spring and Kafka based microservices.


Through our partnership we delivered:

  • A modular and configurable multi region banking platform

(AWS, Kubernetes (K8S), Java, Spring, Kafka, CockroachDB, Prometheus, Grafana)

  • Offering key banking services to clients
  • Enabling customised data analytics and ML insight learnings
  • A low friction, self service Internal Development Platform (IDP)
    (AWS, Kubernetes (K8S), GoLang, Kafka, LinkerD, Terraform, Helm)
  • Underpinning 40+ concurrent development feature teams
  • Allowing for hands free deployment via CI/CD pipelines 
  • An Improved Developer Experience through the development of custom tooling including configurable K8S Operators
  • Accelerated development within key feature teams through augmentation with expert microservice experience, (Java, Spring and Kafka).