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January 30, 2016 | Microservices

Join the OpenCredo Team at the OOP Conference in Germany

The OpenCredo team will be presenting two sessions on our recent learnings with implementing microservices at the OOP Conference, which will be running from the 1st – 5th February. We will also be running a booth, and so if you are interested in learning more about our recent projects, are keen to see if we can help you with your latest technical or organisational challenges, or want to join our team, then stop by and say hello!


Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

Join the OpenCredo Team at the OOP Conference in Germany

Exploring Microservices from the Business and Technical Perspective

If you want to meet with any of the team then please feel free to get in contact using the information included in the talk details below, or email the team at and tweet at us via @OpenCredo


Things I Wish I‘d Known Before I Started with Microservices

Join Stephen Judd, Lead Consultant and OpenCredo, as he shares his lessons learnt from implementing several microservice-based architectures with clients small and large.

“There is no single approach to building microservices; while a number of common aspirations, goals and techniques have been recognised across different initiatives, the variation in approach is substantial. Having worked on a number of microservices implementations, we have recognised recurring patterns and challenges; these we have distilled into a set of pragmatic questions and concerns that developers might face in a similar context. In this talk we discuss the practical aspects of these questions, illustrated with examples from our work.”

The talk will take place on Thursday 4th February at 11:00. More details of the talk can be found on the conference website, and Stephen can be found on twitter as @cyberbliss.


The Business Behind Microservices: Organisation, Architectural and Operational Challenges

Join Erich Eichinger, Lead Consultant at OpenCredo, and Daniel Bryant, Chief Scientist at OpenCredo, as they share their experiences from the organisational perspective of introducing a microservice architecture.

“Join us for a whistle-stop tour of the business and people challenges that we have experienced first hand when implementing greenfield microservice projects and also breaking down monoliths. We’ll look at ‘divided companies’ vs ‘connected companies’, determine the actual impact of conway’s law, briefly touch on the lean startup/enterprise mindset, dive into change management without the management double-speak, and look at the lightweight processes needed to ensure the technical success of a microservices implementation (e.g. DevOps, CD).
The main lessons we’re keen to share are from observations on a couple of microservice transformation projects we have been involved in – some where teams have been cross-functional and aligned around strategic objectives, and some where they haven’t. The latter proved much more challenging, as we saw single domain models being created and shared around the codebase, unclear service/context boundaries, and ultimately people tripping over each other.”

The talk will take place on Wednesday 3rd February at 17:00. More details on the talk can be found on the conference website, and Erich and Daniel can be found on twitter as @oakinger and @danielbryantuk, respectively


Join the Conversation via Social Media!

You can follow the conversation on social media via our twitter account details above, and also by following the conference hashtag #OOP2016. Feel free to send us questions – we always enjoy being challenged!


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