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October 30, 2015 | Software Consultancy

JavaOne: Thinking Fast and Slow with Software Development

Think More About Thinking…

Having completed my marathon 3-talks-in-one-day at JavaOne on Wednesday, I’m now in a position to share all of the slides and supporting material. First up is the content associated with my “Thinking Fast and Slow with Software Development” talk. I’ve already blogged about an earlier version of this presentation on the OpenCredo blog, and so won’t go into more detail here. However, I will include the video recording (thanks to the JavaOne team for this!), the latest version of the slides, and a much requested reading list!


Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

JavaOne: Thinking Fast and Slow with Software Development

The complete JavaOne video

The JavaOne team were recording and streaming many of the talks from the conference, but this wasn’t talked about that much before the event, and so I didn’t know about sharing this in advance. Anyway, the following YouTube embedded video goes straight to my talk, but you can scrub the video timeline to watch more talks that were hosted in the same room on the Wednesday.

The talk slide deck

I’ve uploaded several versions of this talk to my SlideShare account, but the most recent slide deck is included below:

J1 2015 "Thinking Fast and Slow with Software Development" from Daniel Bryant

The complete reading list

And last, but by no means least, here is the complete reading list that I have created on - thinking fast and slow reading list

Please get in contact!

I hope you enjoy the content, and if you have any feedback or questions, then please do get in touch via twitter @danielbryantuk or email


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