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December 1, 2015 | DevOps

Defining DevOps (and Driving the Transformation)

I was privileged to be invited to speak on the topic of “Defining DevOps” by the London Technology Transformation Network, alongside a long-time friend and Devoxx conference contributor Dan Hardiker. I had a great time presenting at the event, and the questions and feedback we received after the main talks was superb – I took away lots to think about, and I believe the audience did too.


Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

Defining DevOps (and Driving the Transformation)

One of the key concepts that Dan and I were attempting to share is that “DevOps” is primarily based around people and organisational practice/process (some may call this ‘culture’). DevOps ‘tooling’ may be easier to understand (and unfortunately to buy too), but a lasting and impactful transformation to delivering valuable software to customers in a more effective way is going to take a coordinated and holistic approach…

Key slide highlights

It’s all about the people and the organisation

I plan to write up my thoughts about this topic in more depth in a later article, but for the moment I was keen to share my slides, and hopefully continue the conversation virtually…

TTN 2015 "Defining DevOps: Concepts, Technology and Automation. Oh yeah, and People" from Daniel Bryant

We’re always happy to chat about DevOps

As usual, please do get in touch via if you have any questions. We’re certainly not shy of having opinions at OpenCredo, and I would also be happy to chat further about the concepts behind DevOps, and the processes, practices and transformation required for a successful move to this way of working.


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