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August 16, 2015 | Kubernetes

ContainerSched 2015 – Call for Papers Now Open!

ContainerSched 2015

ContainerShed 2015Over the last few years there has been exponential growth in the interest of containers and schedulers – technology such as Docker, rkt, Mesos, and Kubernetes are now commonplace within the IT domain, and with the rise of microservices, these technologies are set to become even more popular. Skillsmatter are keen to drive forward the discussions and knowledge sharing within this area of technology, and have created a conference focused exclusively on containers and schedulers: ContainerSched!


Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

ContainerSched 2015 – Call for Papers Now Open!

Please join us at the inaugural Skillsmatter ContainerSched conference on the 19th and 20th November, and share your stories and learnings about these technologies via the Call for Papers!

ContainerSched 2015 provides an opportunity for everyone to share experiences and gain a broad and deep understanding of this fast moving area of technology. We are particularly interested in talk submissions within the following topics:

  • Containers: Docker, rkt, LXD, LXC, Warden
  • Schedulers (and orchestration): Mesos (and frameworks), Kubernetes, AWS ECS, OpenStack (Magnum), Cloud Foundry (DEA), OpenShift/fabric8
  • R&D: Borg/Omega inspired work, proof-of-concept schedulers
  • Networking: Overlay networks (Weave, Flannel), L3 networking (Project Calico),
  • Storage: Container storage, data mobility (Flocker et al)
  • Case studies: We’re very keen to learn from organisations and teams who have implemented platforms and systems using container/scheduler technologies

You can find more details on ContainerSched 2015 at the Skillsmatter website

The ContainerSched Call for Papers is now open, and will close on the 7th September. Submit early and often!


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