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October 4, 2016 | Software Consultancy

Announcing GOTO Accelerate 2016: Business Strategy, Situational Awareness and Innovation

As many of you know, OpenCredo are part of the global Trifork family, and as such have access to the combined knowledge and experience of many technology and business leaders throughout the group. Getting public access to all of this expertise and technical leadership can be tricky – until now. GOTO Accelerate is a one-day business focused conference that has emerged from the very successful GOTO technology events.


Daniel Bryant

Daniel Bryant

Announcing GOTO Accelerate 2016: Business Strategy, Situational Awareness and Innovation

GOTO Accelerate - Technical LeadershipJoin business and technology leaders like Simon Wardley and Adrian Cockcroft, the Trifork leadership team and OpenCredo on the 17th November to learn more!

Values, principles and practices

As a business leader in a fast moving and competitive environment, time is not a luxury on your side. To meet growth initiatives, new products and services have to be developed and brought to market quickly. We all know that the Unicorn companies like Amazon, Netflix and Uber continually innovate, experiment and disrupt markets, but it can be challenging to replicate their success.

When you are looking from the outside all you see is the output and reactions – we need to get an internal perspective from the people driving this change in order to learn the values, principles and practices that lead to these results. This is what GOTO Accelerate is all about.

Data, data everywhere, but not actionable insight…

GOTO Accelerate aims to help you establish ‘situational awareness’ and get a better strategic handle on technology resources embedded in your organization, together with strategies for data collection and analysis to help you unlock your business potential.

Today more than ever, businesses are aware of the importance of data. In fact, many quickly jumped on the data bandwagon, harvesting from many data points across the enterprise and creating major new databases. Unfortunately, often there has been no reasoned strategy underlying what data is being collected and stored, or for what reason. Where data is being leveraged, it is generally being used to create efficiencies and cut costs.

To keep pace with market leaders you must move from the mindset of ‘IT as a cost center’, to leveraging data to drive innovation and experimentation. GOTO Accelerate will share the knowledge and experiences of leaders that have implemented the required mindset, cultural, and organisation transformations and successfully come out the other side.

With companies under pressure to grow, GOTO Accelerate has been launched to stimulate the thinking of business leaders and provide a framework to help them realise the growth potential which data and technology can help to unlock.

Join us!

GOTO Accelerate is a peer-to-peer networking event, enabling participants to meet with leading business thought-leaders and process innovators, together with people that have either travelled the journey or are about to embark upon it.

You can register for GOTO Accelerate at We look forward to seeing you there!


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